A constant flow of white-clad pilgrims of many faiths pours year round up the thousands of steps leading to the top of Sri Pada, or Adam’s Peak (2,243m/7,360ft). The mountain’s summit sports an impression in a rock revered by Buddhists as the footprint of the Buddha, by Christians as that of St Thomas, by Muslims as the footprint of Adam and by Hindus as a mark left by Shiva.

Following a stepped walkway lined by lanterns and shrines, the ascent starts from the town of Dalhousie and is most often made during the night to avoid the worst of the heat. Your TransIndus guide will ensure you reach the top in time for sunrise, and the extraordinary phenomenon known as the ‘Shadow of the Peak’ – a Brocken spectre projection of the summit on to the surrounding sea mist which lasts for twenty minutes or so and is taken by pilgrims as proof of the mountain’s supernatural powers.

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