‘Dhows’ are the slender, wood-built sailing vessels that traditionally plied the waters of the Persian Gulf and Red Sea, and which carried pilgrims to and from the Arabian Peninsula for the Haj. The largest were mostly made on the Malabar Coast of southwest India, using teak from the interior hills. Smaller dhows were made of acacia wood in port of Al-Hudaydah, in modern-day Yemen.

While in past centuries they were the main trading tool for the entire region, today they’re used principally for pleasure cruises, taking passengers to islands and to view less easily accessible stretches of coast, such as Musandam.

If you opt to stay at the Six Senses Zinghy resort in Musandam, then you’ll be able to enjoy a trip on an exquisite wood-hulled dhow. The boats look unfeasibly beautiful sailing over the area’s turquoise water, set against a backdrop of imposing desert mountains. The crew stop at regular intervals to swim and snorkel in scenic, shallow bays, for picnics on remote beaches and to view dolphins and whales. Longer trips are also available, where you sleep on deck or in specially erected wild camps. Ask your TransIndus consultant for more details.

Sea kayaking is another popular activity in Musandam, and a delightful way to explore this unique stretch of coastline. Your hotel will have kayaks for rent and guides will be on hand to lead trips, ranging from short paddles across the bay to longer excursions for more experienced canoeists.

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