The Musandan Peninsula is the wild, rugged and mountainous promontory jutting into the Straits of Hormuz from the southern flank of the Gulf. Although a Governorate of Oman, it is geographically separate from the rest of the country and more easily reached from the UAE (Dubai is just a 2-hour drive away) than Muscat (5–6 hours, depending on road conditions).

The main incentive to make the journey is to experience Musandam’s striking coastal scenery. Spectacular, fijord-like bays indent its shore, as the mountains of the interior plunge sheer to sea water the colour of opal, lapis and cobalt. Not a blade of grass grows on the vast, 200-metre cliffs, which take on a surreal molten colour at sunset.

Dolphins and whales regularly approach the coastline, which is best explored by  dhow, yacht or sea kayak. Due to the absence of industry in the area, the water here is pristine and crystal clear: divers can expect to enjoy multi-coloured reefs frequented by yellow-and-black angel fish and manta ray.

As a base for visiting the area our preferred option is heavenly Zighy Bay – a bijou barefoot resort nestled behind a beach of gleaming white sand. Its won international awards for its low-impact architecture and special atmosphere. The combinations of Musandam’s dramatic scenery, the hotel’s exceptional remoteness and high standards of comfort and service make staying here a truly unique experience.

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