Pushkar, in the heart of Rajasthan, is one of India’s holiest Hindu sites, and among its most scenic. Overlooked by beautiful desert hills, its focal point is a pearl-shaped lake surrounded by bathing ghats (steps), and more than four-hundred temples. This is a spot that definitely casts a spell, especially in the twilight of early morning and at dusk, when the ghats are filled with pilgrims and the air charged with incense smoke and the sound of bells and drums from the nearby shrines.

Wonderful views over the town and surrounding desert extend from the hilltop Savitri Temple to the south, reached via a cable car. Meanwhile, pleasures of a more profane nature abound in the bazaar lining the main street, where numerous jewellery shops and cafés with views over the water compete for custom.

Unique Experiences in Pushkar

Consider following the Rose Trail into the fields around Pushkar to witness local families picking flowers in the early morning light.

Video Inspiration

Follow the rose trail from Pushkar to nearby Ajmer in this two-minute video, which traces the trade in blooms from field to Sufi shrine – a commerce unique in India.


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