Ras al-Jinz, on the far easternmost tip of the Arabian Peninsula, is a beautiful, sand-lined bay backed by rugged cliffs where every winter a population of female Green marine turtles crawl ashore to lay their eggs. It’s one of 275 spots on the Omani coast where this extraordinary natural spectacle occurs, involving an estimated 20,000 turtles, and the only one where viewing is officially permitted.

Visits begin with a night walk to see the hump-backed forms emerging from the waves. Having dug a hole, the pregnant female will deposit a clutch of around 110 eggs, and then rest until dawn, when she will return to the surf.

Spend a night at the luxury camp nearby and you’ll be on site to witness the scene at daybreak, when the turtles crawl en masse back into the sea, leaving in their wake distinctive traces in the sand.

Special permits are required to visit the reserve, which is heavily protected by the Omani government. Our consultants will make all the necessary arrangements in advance, and can advise on the best times to be there.

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