Kerala, India

An area of rich biodiversity where you can enjoy the restorative splendour of pristine jungle, Wayanad is somewhere those in the know come to get away from it all, and there’s nowhere better to do just that that CGH’s ‘Wayand Wild’.  The property consists of individual chalet rooms on steel stilts, each with a wonderful balcony jutting into the canopy (no trees were felled to build these structures, CGH assures us!). Relax with a book and pair of binoculars, waiting for Malabar squirrels to appear in the overhanging branches, and giant butterflies to flit past. Featuring panels of salvaged ship wood and bamboo over luxurious teak floors, the interiors are spacious, soothing and delightfully private – perfect for a romantic sojourn with a Significant Other, or even for a solitary retreat!

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