Shilimb, West India, India

High in the hills overlooking Pawana Lake, the Dharna Wellness Retreat at Shillim provides a luxurious, revitalizing launchpad for a better understanding your body and health. Underpinned by advanced, high-tech diagnostics – biomarker evaluations and gene testing for an insight into sleep patterns – the holistic programmes at Dharana Wellness span everything from gut issues to chronic inflammation. The Dharana Resilience Retreat for mental well-being includes counselling, music therapy and energy cleansing, while a longer, more immersive stay might focus on eliminating toxins through treatments such as cupping, an infrared detoxifying sauna, or Tibetan massages, as well as a dosha-determined diet and walks through verdant forests, paddy fields and bamboo plantations. 

Although the property was originally conceived as a retreat, specializing in yoga and complementary therapies, but it’s equally a place to enjoy the wild surroundings of the Sahyadri Hills in great luxury, with ultra-stylish rooms giving expansive panoramas through their floor-to-ceiling windows. Numerous Maratha hillforts and ancient rock-cut caves in the area provide targets for memorable day trips.

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