Japanese cuisine is as refined and meticulous as most aspects of its traditional culture, and one of the great pleasures of touring the country is discovering its unique cooking styles.

These tend to vary from region to region, so a bowl of ‘ramen’ noodles in Hokkaido, for example, will likely differ from one served in Fukuoka. And because most dishes make extensive use of seasonally available ingredients, the flavours also depend on what happens to be fresh and tasty at a particular time of year.

Lovers of seafood are in for a real treat. The Japanese are passionate about fish of all kinds, and places serving the finest melt-in-the-mouth sashimi and sushi attract devoted followers.

If you stay in a ryokan inn at any stage (something we wholeheartedly recommend), you’ll experience the joys of ‘kaiseki’ – a style of formal dining elevated to an art form in modern Japan. Everything from the recipes to the garnishes and vessels used to serve the dishes is exquisitely balanced in a uniquely Japanese way.

Wherever you choose to travel, we can help you track down places to sample the most wonderful and authentic Japanese food. Numerous TransIndus clients have also been inspired during their travels to try their hand at preparing traditional dishes on one of our popular cookery courses held at various cities, including Kyoto.

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