From the futuristic cities where robots and anime characters come to life, to the ancient temple grounds where deer roam free, Japan is one of Asia's best choices for a family holiday. It's a destination where youngsters can witness modernity in all its splendour while stepping back into history when samurais protected the kingdom. If that was not thrilling enough, Japan also offers a wealth of outdoor experiences, from skiing in the winter wonderland of Hokkaido to scenic hikes through national parks. 

The extremely low rates of crime and the exceptionally well-managed transportation system in Japan also makes it a brilliant destination for families travelling with children. The bullet trains are an attraction in their own right while and makes getting from A to B an adventure for all the clan. 

All of our suggested itineraries can be tailored to suit families travelling with children of all ages. Alternatively, our expert consultants can create the perfect trip from scratch. 

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