A Silk Road Holiday or Group Tour takes you back in time, to a land of domed mosques, camel-led caravans and the trade of exotic goods. The historic silk road trade route is vast, spanning multiple countries, towns and cities. The network spreads over the Middle East and Asia like blood vessels through the body and several visits to Silk Road destinations will only scratch the surface of the history here.

A Silk Road trip can vary from one week long to over a month and concentrate on one country in depth or several spanning huge distances. You can travel by road as the route was originally built or fly between cities but enjoy significantly more luxury than in the days of old. At TransIndus, we can design a bespoke itinerary to suit your every need. We can combine luxury with adventure travel, deliver holidays on specialist subjects or trips of the Silk Road that concentrate on the main highlights. 

The Best Time to Travel the Silk Road

Central Asia and countries along the Silk Road enjoy picture perfect spring and autumn seasons. Mild weather and little rain are perfect for sightseeing. In the summer months, it can get incredibly hot and dusty making the long distance travel quite uncomfortable whilst in winter the region experiences freezing temperatures and snow.

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