India    17.07.2020    Transindus

TransIndus were delighted to welcome Sir Michael Palin as the guest speaker on the first of their series of live events on Thursday 16th July. The series aims to encourage wanderlust by reminiscing with well-known travel heroes about their past adventures around the world. Hosted by TransIndus MD, Amrit Singh, the 45 minute discussion focused on Sir Michael’s career, his favourite travel memories and what his hopes are for the future.

Viewers were asked to pay a small fee to attend the live event with all money raised going to Give India and the work they are doing to support migrant workers affected by the Coronavirus.

Highlights of the talk include Sir Michael Palin discussing the joy of travelling whilst also reflecting on his 75th birthday spent working in the fields in North Korea and his most frightening experience travelling to the North Pole among other trips.

When discussing the current pandemic, Sir Michael Palin reports that by nature he is “generally an optimist” and hopes “that things will work out well” whilst acknowledging that in future “travelling will become very difficult indeed because it’s not just us…. a lot of the rest of the world are just coming into the coronavirus.”

However, in response to the pandemic, “people’s perception of travel needs to change,” he states, “It is a privilege for us to be able to go and impose ourselves on other communities and check out their cultures and customs” ultimately saying, “if you want to travel, you will find a way of doing it”

To watch the video, please see below.


TransIndus Supports GiveIndia

However uncertain things are at home here in the UK, we are in an incredibly privileged position compared to other parts of the world. Where possible, we are doing our best to support those most in need and forging a  partnership with GiveIndia is the least we can do at this time.

Whilst this interview is free to watch, we would appreciate a small donation to Give India in return. Just £50 will feed a family of four for a month, supplementing the loss of income and covering the essentials during the pandemic but any donation will go a long way in supporting local families in need.

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