Meet Brijesh

Senior Manager Business Strategy

Brijesh is Amrit’s projects man (aka ‘Executive Assistant’), which exposes him to all manner of management and practical issues. If the boss needs the lowdown on costing options for a new brochure, changes to pension law, trademark legislation, credit card surcharges or anything else that would have a more flapable human tearing their hair out, he’s the one who will get the call, and fulfil the task with an admirable degree of calm and geniality.

Originally from Ahmednagar in Maharashtra, Brijesh joined us from the college milk round after studying for a Masters degree in Business Management, and has held different positions in our London and Delhi offices. Having worked for over a decade as a specialist consultant, he’s travelled extensively around India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Indochina, and still greatly enjoys devising trips for clients when demand arises. Outside office hours, life revolves around home and the demands and pleasures of a young family.

Travel high

Ladakh, India. “Before our children were born, my wife and I travelled to Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas. The most memorable day of the trip was a hike between the villages of Alchi and Likkir in the Indus Valley. We did the route without a guide got hopelessly lost, eventually arriving just before nightfall having run out of food and water. The experience was a bit stressful at the time but we look back at it now as a great adventure!”

Favourite hotel

Stok Palace Heritage, Ladakh. “Stok is a village on the opposite side of the Indus Valley from Leh, and a wonderful place to soak up the extraordinary landscape of this remote Himalayan region. Located on the summit of a low hill overlooking barley fields and farmsteads, the hotel occupies a 19th-century, Tibetan-style mansion belonging to the local royal family. There are only four rooms and they all are amazing – with décor of hand-carved, painted wood, split-cane blinds and traditional Ladakhi murals.”

Travel tip

Hoi An, Vietnam. “For a family holiday, Hoi An is hard to beat. With a glorious beach nearby, lots of beautiful old buildings and markets to explore, boat trips along the Perfume River and some great local food on offer, it ticks all the boxes. I was there on a research trip for work, but would love to take the family one day.”